Tuesday, 25 January 2011


::I bought some new shoes to cheer me up (half price, don't judge). I've been feeling a bit down lately, trying to ramp up my job search again after a festive break from trawling reed, retailchoice, monster, guardian, and a host of other sites on an hourly basis. The highlight of my day is getting home from work, eating a massive stirfry/rice concoction and cuddling on the couch to watch Japanese horror films. I cut my hair too short, in some misguided attempt at Natalie Portman's Leon style, and am now forced to scrape whatever of my precious hair is left into a high Asian-style bun.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

::fall down six times, get up seven

::Next fashion project: a sleek, polished web site charting Who’s Who in fashion. Think Style.com but with a big focus on a designer’s trademarks, continuity from one season to the next, self-referential elements, relationships with models (John Paul Gaultier + Erin O’Connor // Karl Lagerfeld + Raquel and Freja), celebrity followers, and a model section as well. Remit: Tim Blanks, Jeanne Beker, Hilary Alexander and (maybe) Andre Leon Talley sit down and design a web page – what does it look like? Good winter/early spring project before my little street style video baby gets on its feet. Also good to have a project to work on while my little Mastercard baba gets on its feet too (we’re almost there M. Card! I’m so sorry for what I did to you!)

Sunday, 16 January 2011


::This summer I had an idea to make a street style video series, probably based initially in Shoreditch. It would involve my BBC friend Trev interviewing people with great style about ...err... their great style. I would be the camera-girl, editor and productrice. After seeing a short documentary on Scott Schuman, I wanted to do this project even more. I love street style photography, but you often don't get the movement or the personality of the clothes. You don't get to hear the people speak about the reasoning behind their outfits. This is definitely something I want to explore this spring, when the weather improves. I don't want it to be an Alexa Chung, sardonically sartorial type thing. I want it to be positive and inspiring. I desperately need a video/photography project to work on.

I also want to make/find an origami print dress. Designers have done it, but I'm not on an Anna Dello Russo budget. I'm going to buy this Ostwald Helgason dress from Asos on payday.
image via asos.com
Sailor Moon-style Tofu dress, image via asos.com

Amazing Basso & Brooke origami-print dress, images via dezeen.com

Friday, 14 January 2011

::les brunes

::Once upon a time, while on a trip to visit my grandparents in Hungary, I gave in to my grandmother's requests that she dye my hair blonde. I was bored, I was near the Ukraine, there was no internet, I had read the July 2008 issue of Vogue about 4 times back to front. I said yes.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw a vulgar, ruddy-faced girl. Then I started crying. Why was my complexion so ... pink? Why were my eyebrows suddenly like two black slugs? Wait... why is my hair falling out? Yes - half of my hair fell out. My grandmother's response? ''No loss, it didn't suit you anyway.'' The garish yellow and white tones were dyed brown the next day, which really didn't help with the hair loss issue. *That's* how much I could not tolerate it.

That traumatic (not really) incident gave me a renewed respect for les brunes, le marrone, the brunettes. I should have taken Rachel Weisz's horrible hair in 'Beautiful Creatures' as indicative of what crimes bleach can commit to the yellow-toned, black eyebrowed among us. I think Monica Bellucci has even been a disaster-blonde for a short time. The only exception to my preference for dark haired people is Anita Pallenberg - she started life, and her career, as a brunette so I will attribute her dalliances with blonde hair dye to heavy, heavy drug use. Maybe she liked inhaling the bleach-y fumes.

images via style.com & thefashionspot

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


::I went to Venice a few months ago, when it was surprisingly warm and traipsing around in the same unwashed Zara knit dress (hem shamefully sliced from maxi to jagged midi) was acceptable. It was beautiful and the back streets were romantic, but I struggled to fill 4 full days and on the last I eschewed sight seeing for a game of merlot-fueled Chinese poker in an Irish pub that spanned far, far too long (I think I won).

I went there with two prior impressions of Venice: 1) level 2 of Tomb Raider 2, and 2) Don't Look Now. And maybe some partially-formed views from stalking Natalie Portman or Monica Belllucci on thefashionspot whenever they grace the Venice Film Festival, in which case Venice was blurred into oblivion and really an inconsequential backdrop. I mean, Monica could be dressed in a Puma tracksuit, stocking up on Dolmio at Lidl and I'd still be entranced. Anyway, the reality of Venice was something rather different: I was met with a wave of sandals-with-socks clad American pensioners all fighting their way to the next gelateria or pizzeria or St Marks Square, or all three. 

I'm not judging, that's fine if you're 85 years old and 85 kilos and want to see the world when you're finally free from work and kids. There were dozens of little hidden alleys and squares to discover, further afield than the city's tourist centre. But wait, you said you're feeling hungry? This is Venice's biggest let-down: the dismal, shamefully bad food. How many times can you eat some variation on lasagna/spaghetti/god forbid, a lukewarm calzone? Yeah I was on a budget, but I still dared to venture up to the more posh places and check out their menus - but only when Mattias wasn't looking, playing with the filter settings on his camera phone and lamenting the loss of our Canon baby somewhere in Khao Sok. I still think about you, baby. But even the ridiculously-priced menus had the same kind of fodder - chicken, liver, squid dishes, all served with indifference. Gah - my Italian teachers never told me that if you go to Venice to practice your Italian, you'll only be met with proud, over-enunciated English answers. Ma, vorrei parlare ... oh fine. The only people willing to speak in Italian were people who could ONLY speak Italian, like bus drivers and the butch lady who gave me very compassionate directions to the ferry.

Highlights: the amazing architecture biennale that made me wish I too was an architecture school drop-out like Justine Frischmann and Brett Anderson. The weather. The little wine bars with no seats and the flirting teenagers outside them. NOT the food. The food at the airport. Taking M's gelato and rubbing it in his beard until it was all gone on the ferry (melon and lemon, ho ricordato!)


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Thursday, 6 January 2011


By far my favorite collection from the S/S shows, amazing blues and golds. I love the reference to Ming vases as well, and the styling. When I win the lottery and/or start a misguided Rodarte savings account, I will buy these four. Or maybe HSBC will increase my credit card limit by £20,000 if I tell them it's just for dresses?
photos via style.com

Sunday, 2 January 2011


Lito Karakostanogiou - she uses real preserved scarabs to make these art nouveau, crazy colored pieces (image via trendland.net)

Imogen Belfield - sculptural, organic designs (image via imogenbelfield.com)

Low Luv x Erin Wasson - sure, she ripped off Bliss Lau's designs and used them for her work with Alexander Wang, but I think she's moved on from that 08 incident... (image via models.com)