Thursday, 16 December 2010


::I've got a thing for brunette models (and people in general). First model love was Marija Vujovic, who doesn't really do much these days after marrying some Serbian popstar. Then Monica Bellucci. Then Ksenia Khanovich, whose hair I've attempted some botched copy of. I also bleached the hell out of my hair 2 weeks ago: people, do not go to Bleach in Dalston and part with a stupid amount of money for a 45 min bleach job. It was so simple (although I can't remember which volume she used...) - come to me for Alexa hair.

la piu bella - Ksenia @ L'Wren Scott Spring 09 RWT- from

It's my week off work and I've gone through nearly 100g of green sencha tea in a few days (even re-using it twice!). Some girlsz buy £50 beauty creams, me I'm gonna spend it all on a mammoth collection of green teas (and orchids).

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