Sunday, 16 January 2011


::This summer I had an idea to make a street style video series, probably based initially in Shoreditch. It would involve my BBC friend Trev interviewing people with great style about ...err... their great style. I would be the camera-girl, editor and productrice. After seeing a short documentary on Scott Schuman, I wanted to do this project even more. I love street style photography, but you often don't get the movement or the personality of the clothes. You don't get to hear the people speak about the reasoning behind their outfits. This is definitely something I want to explore this spring, when the weather improves. I don't want it to be an Alexa Chung, sardonically sartorial type thing. I want it to be positive and inspiring. I desperately need a video/photography project to work on.

I also want to make/find an origami print dress. Designers have done it, but I'm not on an Anna Dello Russo budget. I'm going to buy this Ostwald Helgason dress from Asos on payday.
image via
Sailor Moon-style Tofu dress, image via

Amazing Basso & Brooke origami-print dress, images via

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