Sunday, 13 March 2011


::I don't know how I've managed to only just discover Rei Shito's Style from Tokyo blog, but I have. It's got tons of amazing street style photography from Japan, plus snaps from all the major shows (see Paris above).  I had a weekend full of catching up on my favorite street style blogs, complete with way too much time spent looking at Scott + Garance's sites... In my head I would love to only step out of the house in outfits worthy of catching their eye, but it's not really a reality at the moment. Big day tomorrow with an interview at an amazing brand I've loved for ages, so fingers crossed for that!

Rei's blog features quite a lot of color blocking outfits, and I have say, not a fan of this trend. All this neon, or garish prints teamed with even more garish prints, makes me want to retreat into a wardrobe of blacks, greys and tobaccos. The latest issue of Vogue UK has an interview with Kate Winslet, wherein she says something to the effect of "I only wear black and white. Colors look shit on me." I, too, suffer from this problem, although we probably look great and it's all in our heads, Kate.

The only use of brights I enjoyed from the recent shows was at the always-perfect Jil Sander. The minimalist silhouettes look beautiful in the bright colors - shame little legs like mine can't rock the maxi skirt-t-shirt combo.

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